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In a recent case, John C. Mallios and Associates represented a medical doctor in a civil suit brought against him on a personal guarantee for approximately $60,000.00 Our firm was not only able to help him, but his case was dismissed with no liability whatsoever to him. Call John C. Mallios and Associates and let us get you a judgment like this.


NO WILL? If your relative didn't leave a will, you may still need to file an action in Probate Court. Contact us immediately so we can help you.


NOT GETTING YOUR INHERITANCE? If you are an heir and the person handling your estate isn't getting you your inheritance, call us so we can help.


DO YOU NOT AGREE WITH A WILL? If you are related to someone who has died and you believe the will was improperly drafted, that they were coerced into signing or change the will, or that you believe they did not have the proper mental capacity to execute a document, you can challenge the will. Call our office to find out how.


HAS SOMEONE FILED SUIT AGAINST A WILL? If you are a beneficiary or executor and someone has filed suit to challenge the will or is threatening to do so, you should call us immediately.


IS SOMEONE MISMANAGING AN ESTATE? If you are the beneficiary and the executor or trustee is mismanaging the estate, you can pursue your legal rights. Call us so we can help you get what is rightfully yours.


DO YOU NEED A GUARDIANSHIP? If your relative is not capable of handling their affairs, you may need one. Call us for help.

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