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Lead Exposure Cases 


$1,000,000 - Lead Exposure To A Minor Child

Plaintiff Timothy Gillespie, a minor, lived in an old apartment complex located in Modesto, California. The building was constructed around 1914. Gillespie lived in the apartment for about one year. During that time, he suffered sever lead poisoning from lead paint in the apartment. His mother, alleged that they property owed a duty to discover and remove the threat posed by the lead. She contended that in failing to do so they had breached their common law warranty of habitability, as well as statutory provisions dealing with lead poisoning, including the federal Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act and the California Lead Poisoning Act.


$2,800,000 - Lead & Mercury Exposure

$2.8 Million Settlement for 23 demolition workers, 3 family members claiming lead, mercury exposures. 26 plaintiffs alleging direct or household exposrue to toxic substances stemming from demolition of a power plant in Trinidad, Texas.



Medical Malpractice Lawsuit


Hospital Staff Failed to X-ray Trooper Perkins before giving him anesthetic

Veteran state trooper, Glen Perkins, had gone to the emergency room for a twisted ankle. Doctors gave him anesthetic and almost immediately the man went into cardiac arrest. He passed away about 40 minutes later. Perkin's family filed a $10 million medical malpractic lawsuit against the hospital.


Dramshop Law Case holds bar, restaurant owners, and others selling alcoholic beverages, liable for traffic injuries and damages caused by drunken customers

The family of a Paradise man killed in a car crash as he drove home drunk after buying beer at a company-sponsored party was awarded $680,000 in an out-of-court settlement. The man's family announced settlement of a lawsuit that sought to hold a company that normally doesn't sell alcohol. First Gibraltar Bank liable for the actions of a drunken person.


• $2,000,000 - Father of Slain Boy Sues State, County Agencies

A judge ordered Robert Morris Rose Jr. to pay $2,000,000 in damages to the father and grandparents of the Garland toddler, Donnie Wayne Martin, who Mr. Rose beat to death last year. Mr. Rose is serving a life sentence for the murder.


Negligence Case


• $650,000 - Doris McMillian v. Arctic Enterprises, Inc.

Claimants' decedent Ann McMillian, 83, who was wheelchair-bound and lived in a nursing home, used Citizen Care Ambulance Service to travel to a doctor appointment. A Citizen Care employee failed to fasten McMillian's seat belt. The driver of the bus had to brake suddently and McMillian was ejected from the wheelchair and sustained fatal injuries.


Personal Injury Judgement


• $1,000,000 - Brenda Hancock v. The Greenery

Brenda Hancock received extensive injuries when her car was struck by a truck driven by an employee of the Greenery. The driver ran a red light at the intersection of Hwy 77 and FM 387 and hit Hancock's car. Hancock was in a coma for several days and suffered many bodily injuries.


Product Liability Cases


• $2,660,000 - Tommy Card v. Taylor Machine Works Inc.

A 31 year old Arlington man was awarded $3.4 million against the manufacturer, Taylor Machine Works Inc., of a forklift he fell from almost five years ago, due to no handrail being installed on the equipment.


• $3,400,000 - Injured man awarded an 'easier' life

An Arlington man, Stephen W. Huber, received three operations and prospect of a fourth to ease his constant pain, after a work-related accidental leaving him unable to work. He was awarded $3.4 million from Fort Worth Star-Telegram.


Other Settlements/Awards


• $3,500,000 - OSHA Violations

2004 settlement of 3.5 million was issued due to a construction accident case where an OSHA violation occurred and a Hispanic worker fell to his death leaving his wife and 3 kids.


• $2,500,000 - Product Liability Claim

Dallas Federal District, Judge Joe Kendell, Trial & Settlement Cause #389CV


• $700,000 - Nursing Home Abuse

Prelitigation Settlement, 1999


• $500,000 - 18 Wheeler Collision

July 2000 Dallas, TX Settled July 2003


• $500,000 - Medical Malpractice

Misdiagnosis of cancer- Dallas, TX 1998


• $330,000 - Auto Accident

Prelitigation Settlement, 2001

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